Media Gallery

The SEASFiRE program is very focused on media production
In our media gallery we upload all the pictures we take during the dives, with more forms of media coming soon

The site also supports a live stream which will be live everyday of the trip. Click here for the Live Stream

Media Gallery

Dive Logs

View the latest SEASFiRE Student Dive logs here

All divers are required to keep a dive log or journal after each dive, detailing the dive.

Here at SEASFiRE, we created electronic dive logs for the students to use after each dive and upload them here for everyone to see.



Read the latest articles written by our SEASFiRE Students

One of the requirements for SEASFiRE Students is for them to write articles about various topics relating to anything SEASFiRE or diving.

Here you can view the most recent articles written by our SEASFiRE Students.